Showcase and discover creative work.

Pimbl is a new and engaging way of showcasing creative content.

'A Pimbl' is a piece of content that is made of images, GIFS, and text. Pimbls can be shared with friends, colleagues & potential employers.

Pimbl is now open to the wider creative community.

Key features

Bespoke layout

Build a unique grid from scratch by dragging and dropping content.

Effortlessly resize, reposition and align your content on a blank canvas.


Don't have time to build your own layout? You can use an eye-catching predesigned template.


Add that spark to your Pimbl by ordering the sequence in which each tile appears.

This feature can be used to tell a visual story, or to create an elegant choreography of static imagery coming into life.

The Pimbl Profile

All your Pimbls (i.e. creations) get stored in your very own profile.

See an example below